Dyna Argiculture

Dyna Agriculture was established in 2018.

As plantation and agricultural experts, we always believe agriculture is full of possibility. We are connecting agribusiness needs and broadening knowledge, technology, and people’s horizons.

We have agricultural specialists on our plantation to ensure the finest products through a new way of farming. In addition of selling organic fertilizer, We are proud to have the “king of fruits”, durian, and we aiming to expand into other geographic regions in order to meet the demand for a sustainable organic environment.

Discover true agriculture, where natural meets sustainable.


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Dyna Agriculture is involved in projects that aim to make a difference. We offer agricultural and forestry related services to clients ranging from project management and implementation to sales & marketing. We specifically cater towards projects that aim to meet the needs of the worlds growing population while enhancing the limited natural resources the world has to offer. This existing Musang King Durian project aims at shifting Malaysia’s over reliance on the destructive palm oil industry whilst simultaneously meeting rapidly rising demand for the crop across Asia, namely China.

Durian fruit is regarded by many people in Southeast Asia as “The King of Fruits”. The fruit is known for its thorn covering, unique taste and distinctive aroma. Although the Durian tree is native to Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia, it is also grown in Thailand, the Philippines, and Australia. There are over 500 varieties of Durian grown throughout Asia with Malaysia known to be home to some of the finest tasting and expensive Durians, including the celebrated Musang King Durian.

The demand for raw Durian fruit (fresh, frozen, paste and pulp) has a global retail value of over RM 58 billion annually (USD $14 billion), with its value expected to conservatively grow to more than RM 100 billion (USD $25 billion) by 2030. Demand for Durian is increasing across Asia namely China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore with the bulk of being driven by China’s rapidly increasing consumption levels. Demand for Durian has grown exponentially over the past ten years as tourism to Malaysia has increased consumer awareness for this exotic fruit. Today Durian is one of the most popular fruits across all of Asia. Its versatility is unmatched in the fruit world being used as an ingredient in juices, pastries, hearty dishes such as hamburgers and pizzas, and even in cosmetics

The primary market focused upon is Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s insatiable appetite for Musang King Durian is commanding wholesale prices of 58 RM/KG which is greater than nearby Singapore. Also, Hong Kongs accesibility to China means the company can also sell into China for even higher prices. Hong Kong-based Musang King importers are buying up all available supplies years in advance, not only for local consumption but also for re-export across the border into mainland China where retail market prices are currently over 500 RMB/KG.